My new Party Skirt!

Yes, I said Party Skirt! I love them and bought them just to wear to a party. When I got there I realized how comfy they were and the fact that My cock was well hidden and that I did not need to adjust it often or worry about it coming out from the mount! My party skirt were perfect and all the other girls seemed to love them as well. A couple of the girls asked where i got them and a number of guys grabbed my ass as I walked by. One in particular grabbed so deep he brushed the head of my cock with his fingers and I started to get hard.

party skirt

IF you have never had a particular thing that you wear to go to a party that you fall in love wiht, then you should really look for some sort of amazing clothes. Its nice to have something that you use for partys like my party skirt. Its a turn on when guys expect you to wear it and when you do they chase you all over and want to touch you and play with you. I even had one guy stick his finger up my ass and stroke the head of my cock under my party skirt in front of about 40 people. No one noticed because I was backed up to him and his hand but it was 100% amazing.

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Beach Bikini on a Curvy Shemale

Hehehe. Hey guys check me out. Cute new mix and match bikini on my amazing and curvy shemale body and no one at the beach knew I had a 9.8 inch cock tucked between my legs. I had it so well hidden from the front that it actually looked like I had a nice tight and small pussy. A number of guys were staring between my legs looking for pussy lips. They had no idea I pack more rod than most guys!

bikini on the beach

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Karla Carrillo.

Karla Carrillos Cleavage!

I think I have some pretty nice cleavage and I have always enjoyed showing it off. It takes a lot of looking to find dresses that fit me both on top and bottom so I often sacrifice a little space up top to cover my bottom so I can go out in public. Have you ever seen me in public? Next time your out and pass by me say hi. You might get some great views of my cleavage and more especially if you let me know your a fan.


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Tight Tranny Ass | My Butt For Your Inspection

I love this position.  It leaves me so vulnerable to whatever my lover has in store for me.

Karla Carrillo Tranny Ass

Do you have an idea of what you’d do to my tight tranny ass baby?

Tranny Asshole

Tell me about it…I want to know what you  have in store for me 😉

Tight Shemale Ass

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Shemale Nude Outdoors | On A Nature Trail Walk

I really enjoy the outdoors and the sun on my skin and wind in my hair.

Shemale Nude Outdoors

Like most things I do though, I always to seem to end up nude.

Shemale With Big Tits

I have to be careful not to get sunburn on my boobs of course.

Big Tranny Tits

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Drunk Shemale | My Night On The Town

I like to party as much as anybody, and last weekend I went out drinking and dancing.

Karla Carrillo In Skin Tight Pants

My friends were teasing me about being a horny drunk shemale because for some reason my clothes kept falling off.  Well, they say that Tequila has that affect on us gals.

Shemale In Skin Tight Pants

While I did kind of behave myself, there were a few times my boobs fell out of my top.  I’m sure nobody minded either.  Would you?

Shemale Shows Off Her Tits In Public

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Shemale Exhibitionist | Public Beach Posing

While I love being in front of the camera in the studio or my bedroom, what really gets me hot is flashing or showing off in public.  I’m a true shemale exhibitionist from head to toe.  The thought of getting caught is so exciting to me.  Oh, and I’ve been caught more than a few times.  The look on someone’s face as they catch me showing off my big tits or stroking my hard tranny cock is priceless.  Many won’t admit it I’m sure, but they probably think about me for a few days after.  I know I’m thinking about it for more than a few days after.  I’m pretty much on orgasm overload after I get caught.  Just gets me so hot.  Now if only you would be here to catch me also 😉

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Big Dick Shemale | Closeups Of My Cock

I get a lot of pics from guys showing their cocks to me.  As a self proclaimed big dick shemale, I am very appreciative of good cock pics.

Big Cock Tranny

I have them all on a hard drive that I can open up at any time I’m feeling horny.  Seeing all those hard dicks makes me ache with desire, and knowing they are for me drives me even more crazy.

Big Cock Tranny

I thought I’d offer up some of my own cock shots for you to admire.  I loved doing it and hope this inspires more guys to send me their pics.  Keep them coming…

Tight Tranny Ass

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Solo Shemale Dildo Fun | I Do Love My New Toy

With no man around again today, it looks like a solo shemale dildo fun day.  A girl just craves penetration sometimes, and today is one of those days.  I bought a new toy the other day while out shopping.  I couldn’t help myself in adding to my collection of fun toys.  I thought I’d share my fun with you by filming me using it for the first time.  My ass was so eager to get pounded that it slipped in nice and easy while I was pumping my cock.  The feeling was amazing and I had really concentrate on not cumming to soon.  I wish it was your cock inside me baby, but for now this will have to do.

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Biggest Shemale Cock | How Do I Compare

I know there are many who like to debate who has the biggest shemale cock out there.  Now do you think I compare to the biggest you have seen?  I love the size of my shecock as it takes my two hands to wrap around it when I’m really hard.  I prefer somebody else’s hands to be wrapped around it though.  If you think I compare to the other huge tranny cocks out there please let me know.  I love knowing you like what you see.  It excites me and makes me want to do more videos.  You want more videos right??

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