Tranny In The Gym

I have to be honest and say I’m NOT a big fan of working out, but I know I need to do it.  You see, I LOOOOOOOVE to eat!  I love everything about a good meal, which means I have to pay attention to my body more, so you will also pay attention to it.  I’m not a workout fanatic by any means, but I’ve learned over the years to strike a good balance between eating and working out to keep my body in shape.  Oh, and sex is a GREAT aerobic activity also.  Do you think I’ve been doing a good job baby?

Busty T-girl Karla Carrillo


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Tranny In Leather


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Shemale Bathroom Flash

I had some innocent shemale fun while I was traveling one day. I needed to check my makeup and thought it was a good idea to film an impromptu flasher video….LOL. There was some music playing, so I pulled out my perky tranny tits and gave them a squeeze. I had to be quick because a couple women came in right as I was putting my puppies back. Just another fun day in the life of Karla Carrillo ;-)

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Exhibitionist Shemale Karla

Hi to all my sexy friends!

I’m going to brag a little today.  I hope that’s ok with everyone.  I Just love my big Shemale tits.  I was feeling frisky last night at a motel in Mexico City I happened to be at.  I stripped to my pretty peach colored bra and walked the hallways to see what kind of trouble I could get into.  I flashed a few unsuspecting folks along the way…hehe.  I love the look on their faces.  So tell me………what you do if you saw me walking in the hall and I suddenly flashed by big tits for you??

Sexy T-girl ass

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Shemale Showing Off

I’ve always been an exhibitionist. I love the thought of others seeing me nude and being really naughty. I was sitting on my balcony one day and the urge to explore rushed over me. I couldn’t help but get naked and start playing with my shecock until It was hard and aching for release. It was just a little show, but it sure got me worked up. Would you like me to put on a show for you? Let me know…ok?

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Brunette Tranny In Fishnet

I found this neat black fishnet dress the other day and couldn’t wait to try it on to tease you all.  Don’t you think it shows off my shemale curves nicely?   I certainly do ;-)

Tranny in fishnet

Big Tits Tranny

Sexy Blonde Shemale

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Shemale In Pink Lingerie

Hi guys ;-) – I love feeling soft and sexy.  Kind of gives me a warm fuzzy feeling if you know what I mean?  I love pink, so I thought I’d put on my pretty pink bra and sexy black stockings.  The heels I added because they make me feel a little slutty.  You don’t mind a slutty tranny do you?  I thought not…hehe.

I hope you like.  I love making you hot and bothered :-)

T-girl in lingerie

Brunette Shemale

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Hi boys! Here’s a preview of good things to come to my members area this month, among others… Just giving you a taste :)



Do You like me as a Blonde?

I can’t make up my mind if I should stay as a blonde or go back to being a brunette. This indecision is really taking a toll on my poor hair, so I need to make a decision once and for all! What color hair should I have? By the way, if you are a member of my site, I put up a poll in my members area to vote on this topic.

Here I am, AGAIN as a blonde lol!


New Blog Design

I hope you like my new blog design. I think it’s sexier (more becoming of me lol!), and easier for you to navigate. I look forward to your comments on this and any other topic. Come on, don’t be shy, tell me what’s on your mind!

Screengrabs of My SheCock :)

I just grabbed these from my latest video “Jeans Shorts”. Make sure to click the title of this post to see all screen-grabs.