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Sexy Gym Leggings and a night out!

Sexy Gym Leggings and also a night out! So how many of your guys like to see a hot babe in sexy gym leggings and heels? I love them and think they make my ass look amazing. The photo of me below is one of a set we shot in the car on the way to the mall. At the mall we took videos and you can really see the shape and size of my ass.

Sexy Gym Leggings

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Stockings heels and a very thick cock.

Oh yes we all love stockings heels and also a very thick cock. Also Check out the body and face of Karla Carrillo in the photo below. Even without the stockings heels and other lingerie she is stunning. And that cock is as thick and gets as hard as you can ever need.

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Stockings heels

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Round Ass Tranny! Karla Carrillo needs some cock!

So when it comes to a Round ass Tranny Karla Carrillo always comes to mind. And when Karla comes to mind, your cock comes to attention! And for those of you who do not know Karla you also do not know what you have been missing.

Karla is a natural beauty with huge round tits and a cock that’s going to shock you. Ms Carrillo also has this amazing round ass tranny and it needs to get fucked. Being the versatile and sexy babe she is, Karla will make all your fantasies come true.

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Round ass Tranny

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Seethrough panties and a big tranny cock!

Seethrough panties and a big tranny cock! Jesus I love seethrough panties. Well honestly I love seethrough anything when it comes to a hot tranny and her big cock. Or ass or tits for that matter. I find it to be a major turn on.

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Seethrough panties

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Shemale Upskirt with plenty to see.

Shemale Upskirt with plenty to see. Damn! So when it comes to a hot shemale upskirt I think that Karla Carrillo does it best. Take a look at the image below and see what I am talking about. I see a massive cock hanging down and it makes me want to slide my hand up her skirt.

Also can you imagine watching karla walking down the street in this dress with no panties. Seeing the head of her cock peek out from under her skirt with each step? And can you imagine the expressions of people that dont know who she is?

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Shemale Upskirt

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Beach Hotpants. And these are filled with Cock and ass!

Beach Hotpants. And these are filled with Cock and ass! Holy hell look at that amazing and sexy ass. Thats the ass of Karla Carrillo on in beach hotpants at the beach. And in this photo its hard to tell but she is hiding one of the biggest tranny cocks around. Fat thick and long. She gets hard when the wind blows and then wants to masturbate and cum.

Karla also likes to suck cock and fuck as often as she can. And with a body like that, I think every guy wants to give her a try.

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Beach Hotpants

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Short Skirt and a big tranny cock.

Short Skirt and a big tranny cock. When Karla Carrillo wears this short skirt. She has to be damn careful not to let her cock come out of her panties! Why? Simply because she is that well hung. And yes, she does go out in public places in this skirt.

She also goes out in that amazing and sexy top with this short skirt. So as you can see, she has really big tits as well. And all around hot and horny tranny.

Short Skirt

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Tranny tits. And this amazing pair is outdoors.

Tranny tits. And this amazing pair is outdoors. For those of you who do not know, this is Karla Carrillo. Her amazing body is that of one of the hottest trannys alive. She has big tits and a big ass and also a huge cock. So take a close look at the image below and then click it to join her.

Tranny Tits

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Thong Panties and a big curvy ass.

Thong Panties and a big curvy ass. So out of the two which do you prefer? The thong panties or the big curvy ass? Take for instance Karla Carrillo and her ass. Wow! Its amazing and super sexy. The best part about her is she also has big tits and a huge cock to go along with the package.

Thong Panties

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Curvy Shemale Karla Carrillo playing with Candy!

Curvy Shemale Karla Carrillo playing with Candy! But I am sorry to report that in this case Candy is just candy! From a bag and not another hot shemale. 🙂 So take it in stride and keep stroking because in this set Karla has something hot for you.

Once she is done jerking off with the candy you can eat it.

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Curvy Shemale

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