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What’s a girl to do when she’s all alone?  How does some hot shemale solo action sound to you?  Yes, I’d LOVE to have a “hard” man around to take control and dominate me any way he likes, but for now, I’m all alone.  What a shame.  What do I do in times like this? You guessed it…..Out comes my laptop and I cue up some hot porn to get me in the mood.  Why not make some porn while watching porn right hun?  That’s what I did here just for you.  Being alone can sometimes be really fun :-)

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Hi again all my horny friends!  I did a fun little scene the other day I thought I’d share with you all. Don’t you just love a shemale in lingerie?  I feel so sexy in lingerie whenever I wear it.  I had a nice pair of fishnets hidden away and my black pumps to accent them.  Of course, I needed easy access, so no panties for me.  I’m a horny shemale and my cock always seems to need attention.  I put on a cute show for you that I’m sure you will enjoy watching as much as I did making it. I also have some sexy pics of me during this shoot as well.

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Shemale Tube | A Fun New Site

Hey there everyone!  I just had to share a new shemale tube I found the other day.  I just LOVE it!  Tons of new videos are up there and I spent half my morning today checking everything out.  Being your average shemale perv, I of course added some videos to the site as well.  Check below for one of them I uploaded right away this morning.  I have a bunch more that I’ll upload in the coming days.  I love being seen ya know….lol.  Once your done watching me stroke on the balcony, don’t waste a second go right over to youshemale.

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Webcam show

Hey guys. THis is Karla and I wanted to share a cam show coming up for you.

Nikki Montero is doing a show and will be on line 9/13/2014 at 6pm central time.

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Sucking Cock

I dont know about you but I love to suck cock. I love having a hard man pole sliding over my lips and deep into my throat! Once I start to nibble on most mens cocks as they go in and out of my mouth faster and faster, they end up shooting a hot load of cum across my lips and tits!

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Hot Shemale | Karla Carrillo Strokes

I’ve always felt the best asset of a hot shemale is a thick, hard cock.  I’m luckier than most girls in that I can get very hard, very fast.  My throbbing hard shecock is always ready.  I guess I’m over sexed at time, but to date, I’ve not had anyone complain about it….hehe.  This shoot was fun as the camera really excites me knowing I’m going to be watched by so many hot guys and girls while I get myself off.  This makes me cum oh so quick.  I’m one horny tranny……Care to watch baby??

Hot Shemale Karla Carrillo - 1 Hot Shemale Karla Carrillo - 2
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Shemale Video | Watch Me Play Baby

I love this video of me and just had to share it. Believe it or not, I watch a lot of shemale video for ideas on how to get off.  I’m student of masturbation I guess you’d say.  I love how hard I can get at damn near any time and place.  Shemale porn seems to have been made for me.  I love everything about it, and having all my fans watch and get off with me, is just soooooooooo exciting!

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Tranny In The Gym

I have to be honest and say I’m NOT a big fan of working out, but I know I need to do it.  You see, I LOOOOOOOVE to eat!  I love everything about a good meal, which means I have to pay attention to my body more, so you will also pay attention to it.  I’m not a workout fanatic by any means, but I’ve learned over the years to strike a good balance between eating and working out to keep my body in shape.  Oh, and sex is a GREAT aerobic activity also.  Do you think I’ve been doing a good job baby?

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Shemale Bathroom Flash

I had some innocent shemale fun while I was traveling one day. I needed to check my makeup and thought it was a good idea to film an impromptu flasher video….LOL. There was some music playing, so I pulled out my perky tranny tits and gave them a squeeze. I had to be quick because a couple women came in right as I was putting my puppies back. Just another fun day in the life of Karla Carrillo ;-)

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Exhibitionist Shemale Karla

Hi to all my sexy friends!

I’m going to brag a little today.  I hope that’s ok with everyone.  I Just love my big Shemale tits.  I was feeling frisky last night at a motel in Mexico City I happened to be at.  I stripped to my pretty peach colored bra and walked the hallways to see what kind of trouble I could get into.  I flashed a few unsuspecting folks along the way…hehe.  I love the look on their faces.  So tell me………what you do if you saw me walking in the hall and I suddenly flashed by big tits for you??

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