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After Christmas Cock! With Kalra Carrillo

After Christmas Cock! SO why is thits titled After Christmas Cock? Simply because getting the photos processed and posted takes time and this is how long it took. Just sit back and enojoy those amazing tits. And also enjoy that huge cock thats hanging out and waiting for you to play with it. Karla Loves to fuck and suck and have the same done to her. So dont disappoint her. Get into her members area right now and get hooked up with her.

After Christmas Cock

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Sexy Lingerie on Karla Carrillo!

Sexy Lingerie on Karla Carrillo! So do you really like Sexy Lingerie? Check it out when a hot and well hung tranny like Karla Carrillo has it on. Lingerie on her body is amazing and will make cocks hard across the globe! So now the only thing for you to do is join her website so that you can watch and enjoy the movies and the rest of the photo sets.

Sexy Lingerie

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Curvy Shemale OutDoors! Come to the beach with Karla!

Curvy Shemale OutDoors! Come to the beach with Karla! I dont know about you guys but I love to go to the beach. Looking at chicks in bikinis is hot. But seeing a curvy shemale outdoors is even better. For some, like Karla Carrillo its kind of hard to hide that cock in a bikini. She also has a hard time keeping those big tits in the top. So its a win win for those of us who want to watch a curvy shemale bounce around while at the beach!

Curvy Shemale OutDoors

Look at the line of the bikini bottom in the photo above. Also note the bulge in the front and how hot that looks.

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Leggings on a big tranny ass!

Leggings on a big tranny ass! This of course is Karla Carrilo and the photo was shot at a shopping Mall. And check out how hot her ass looks in Leggings! Amazingly stunning.

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Another thing about seeing a girl in Leggings is that you can see the real shape of her ass and thighs. But how Karla hides that massive cock! Well we have no damn idea!


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Shopping! Girls day out.

Shopping! Girls day out. So I needed a day with the girls and we are going shopping. If I get lucky I get a lot of new clothes and also some cock. I plan to catch as many men as I can and drag them into the fitting room for some fun.

Anyone want to meet me and my girlfriends?

Hugs and also Kiss. Karla

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Changing my look!

Changing my look! So have you followed me as a woman and escort? If you have then you know I am changing my look! I always loved my body and face and hair. But felt it was time to make some big changes and so, I did.

Soon I will be posting new photos and videos and re making the tour of my website so that you can better see the changes I have made.

Some are drastic and some are not.

I will get some new and sexy photo soon and post them here. But in the mean time enjoy the old me and play with your cock while I play with mine!

Karla Carrillo

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Tits Outdoors with the amazing and busty Karla Carrillo

Tits Outdoors with the amazing and busty Karla Carrillo! So have you ever been to the beach and see a nice big set of tits on a girl and wanted to see more? Well from time to time you will run into someone amazing like Karla Carrillo. With her tits outdoors and everyone watching its a turn on to know she is also packing a huge cock.

Take a look at the photo below and decide if you would approach her! Would you say hi and want to stroke and suck her cock? Or just marvel at those amazing tits outdoors? Personally I would take her off into the trees and slide my cock into her mouth and then her ass. And then it would be my turn to enjoy that glorious huge cock she has. And I mean its Huge.

Tits Outdoors

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Showing my big tits and thick cock

Ok, So I have this sexy pink dress that shows off my big tranny tits and when Im sitting in the right position you can see my big tranny cock as well! Just take a look up my dress right there!

My cock

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My titties in a tube top!

Ok, so I have never really worn a tube top before but I thought that I would try one out since a nice fan of mine asked if he could buy one. I LOVED it! It felt so tight across my big tits and squeezed them in like a pair of hands holding me tight.

Tube top

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Upskirt with cock and High Heels!

Ok guys, I need some comments here about this photo. Whats hotter The upskirt? Or the High heels? Or is it the combination of the high heels and upskirt that make this photo so hot? Or maybe its the part that you can see my cock hanging down?


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