Long tranny cock! What would you do with it?

Long tranny cock! What would you do with it? Do you like a long tranny cock? Or maybe you prefer a girl with a smaller cock. More like a tranny clit? Well as you can see I have a rather large one and I love to have it stroked and sucked. I also love to have my ass fucked so dont worry guys I please everyone!

Further more I love to date. That means going out before jumping in bed. When I am dressed up I look exactly like a GG. But when I am naked you can see so well that I am tall Trans! Big round tits and also ass. And long hard cock!

Long Tranny Cock

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Fuck My Ass! I need some cock today!

Fuck my Ass. I need some cock today and I am looking for a man that wants to please me. Fuck my ass really hard and then I will do the same for you! Check out the photo of me below! I think its hot and also the perfect position for you to go deep and hard and fast!

For those of you who don’t know me, My real name is Karla Carrillo. I love dating. I prefer men that are tall. But any man that is a real man is good for me. Come and visit and lets have a date and some fun and conversation. Also remember to treat me like the lady I am.

Fuck My Ass

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Double handed Masturbation! With Karla Carrillo

Double handed Masturbation! With Karla Carrillo! Have you ever seen a cock this big on such a sexy curvy shemale as Karla Carrillo? Honestly it’s no wonder she need double handed masturbation. Just look at the size of her cock.

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First of all take a look at that face. That is, if you can get your eyes off of Karla’s cock.

Then take a look at her big round tits. Also remember that you cant see her amazingly tight ass in this photo!

Double Handed Masturbation

But if you look you can for sure see her tight little hole. And that’s the part we wall want into.

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