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Hung Tranny Karla Carrillo with short hair! So you are into a hot hung tranny! Well this site offers you a clip of one of the hottest! Karla has awesome tits and short hair with a baby doll face! But that cock this Hung tranny has could kill a horse. By seeing the amazing Karla Carrillo this lady we are talking about and you need to join her right now before you cant see these older sets any longer.

The website will get a face lift and all new content and this older stuff might be retired. Right now read Karla’s post from the other day.

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Changing my look!

Changing my look! So have you followed me as a woman and escort? If you have then you know I am changing my look! I always loved my body and face and hair. But felt it was time to make some big changes and so, I did.

Soon I will be posting new photos and videos and re making the tour of my website so that you can better see the changes I have made.

Some are drastic and some are not.

I will get some new and sexy photo soon and post them here. But in the mean time enjoy the old me and play with your cock while I play with mine!

Karla Carrillo

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