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Select Always Activate.

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Exhibitionist Shemale Karla


Exhibitionist Shemale Karla!

Hi to all my sexy friends!   I’m going to brag a little today. And I do hope that’s ok with everyone.  For one, I Just love my big Shemale tits.  Since I was feeling frisky last night at a motel in Mexico City I happened to be at.  I stripped to my pretty peach colored bra and walked the hallways to see what kind of trouble I could get into.  Also, I  flashed a few unsuspecting folks along the way…hehe. The look on their faces was amazing and I loved it.  So tell me………what you do if you saw me walking in the hall and I suddenly flashed by big tits for you??

Sexy T-girl ass

Shemale Tits

Big Tranny Tits

Well guys what do you think of me as Exhibitionist Shemale Karla? Does it make things look right with what I am wearing and doing? Would it make you feel better knowing that 3 people walked by while taking these photos. And then the building security guys came also? It was really funny because I actually opened the door with my tits out and my cock showing below my skirt.


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If you want to check out some other posts on this blog with more sample photos of me, just click the next link. See me, Karla Carrillo getting naked just for you.


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Busty Shemale Showing Off

Busty Shemale!  I’ve always been an exhibitionist. Furthermore, I love the thought of others seeing me nude and being really naughty.  While I was sitting on my balcony one day and the urge to explore rushed over me. I couldn’t help but get naked and start playing with my shecock until It was hard and aching for release. It was just a little show, but it sure got me worked up. Would you like me to put on a show for you? Let me know…ok? So let me know what you think of me, the beautiful Busty Shemale in the photo and video clip below.

Do I excite you and make your cock hard? Or do I make you nervous because my cock is so big. You really don’t have to worry as I am very gentle and great with beginners.

Busty Shemale


Not to worry guys. The photos and the movies in my members area are much higher quality. They have been made smaller for this site so that they load faster. And anyway its not nice to give away the best quality for free. Only for members.

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Right now you can either click above and enjoy some more of my sets in the members area, or you can click on the next link here for more samples. Its up to you.  Click to see my big shemale ass.

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Brunette Tranny In Fishnet

Brunette Tranny In Fishnet!  I found this neat black fishnet dress the other day and couldn’t wait to try it on to tease you all.  Don’t you think it shows off my shemale curves nicely?   I certainly do 😉

Once I got home I took  this out of the wrapper. It was laid out across my bed while I showered.  And I do need to admit that my cock got hard while I was showing. I knew I was going to put it on and that it would be a big tease for you. Also, I was sure I would get excited as I felt the lace go down across my nipples. I also knew that having the fishnet pulling against my ass cheeks was going to be a turn on.

Well I finally got the outfit on and now I want you to let me know what you think. Am I not the perfect Brunette Tranny In Fishnet?

Brunette Tranny In Fishnet

Could you have made a better Catch?

No matter weather you like this set or not I have a lot of other samples of me getting naked here on this site. However these are samples and that means smaller and lower quality. So enjoy these and make sure to comment. But if you also need to see the HD and UHD then you need to join my website.  Samples of my big shemale ass here.


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