Transparent top

OK. I know. This Transparent top is more of a lace top that you can see through. But it is still partially transparent and I like that word better. Since I am the lucky guy that writes for Karla mostly then I get to call it what I want. And I’m calling this fucking HOT! And a Transparent top! If you have something to say about it, comment below. In the mean time get your cock out and start wanking and reading and enjoying this photo!

Now as you can see this top is hot and you can see her nipples right through it. That means that she has a lot to show and is not shy about you looking at her body. And this body as you can see is freaking amazing. And that is the reason the blog is called Curvy Shemale. Because that is a great description of Karla and her amazing body. Just look!!!

Transparent top

Can you just imagine being the guy that gets to pop her big tranny tits out of that top? Reaching up and caressing her tits. Feeling the lace slide under the palm of your hand and her nipple start to get hard at the touch! How hard would this make your cock?

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