Tranny titties in a tube top!

Tranny titties!

Ok, so I have never really worn a tube top before but I thought that I would try one out since a nice fan of mine asked if he could buy one. I LOVED it! It felt so tight across my big tits and squeezed them in like a pair of hands holding me tight.  Click now and enjoy this set Tranny titties in a tube top.

Tube top

If you want to see me in something specific email me in my members area and let me know. If I can I will wear it for you. I do travel a lot so it can take a while but it would be nice to hear from you!

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Drunk Shemale | My Night On The Town

I like to party as much as anybody, and last weekend I went out drinking and dancing.

Karla Carrillo In Skin Tight Pants

My friends were teasing me about being a horny drunk shemale because for some reason my clothes kept falling off.  Well, they say that Tequila has that affect on us gals.

Shemale In Skin Tight Pants

While I did kind of behave myself, there were a few times my boobs fell out of my top.  I’m sure nobody minded either.  Would you?

Shemale Shows Off Her Tits In Public

I Have More Sexy Drunk Shemale Pics Inside – Cum On In Baby!

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Shemale Solo Fun | I Love Watching Porn

What’s a girl to do when she’s all alone?  How does some hot shemale solo action sound to you?  Yes, I’d LOVE to have a “hard” man around to take control and dominate me any way he likes, but for now, I’m all alone.  What a shame.  What do I do in times like this? You guessed it…..Out comes my laptop and I cue up some hot porn to get me in the mood.  Why not make some porn while watching porn right hun?  That’s what I did here just for you.  Being alone can sometimes be really fun 🙂

Check Out The Entire Hot Video Here Baby

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