Sexy Trans girl. Kara Carrillo!

Sexy Trans girl. Kara Carrillo! Have you ever met or seen a hotter sexy trans girl than Karla Carrillo? She is a stunning twenty something babe with an amazing smile. Lips that just say kiss me or maybe let me suck you. A set of tits that need a cum load dropped on them. And an ass that screams that it needs your cock buried deep inside. And she has her own cock that is such a multi purpose tool that you will fall in love.

Karla loves to dress sexy so be ready for that when taking her on a date. From High heels and stockings to short skirts that hardly over her ass and panties. And yes because of the size and length of her cock she must wear panties when wearing a skirt or a dress. But that is ok because it adds another layer to sexyness when getting her naked.

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sexy trans girl

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Kisses Karla.

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