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Shemale Upskirt with plenty to see.

Shemale Upskirt with plenty to see. Damn! So when it comes to a hot shemale upskirt I think that Karla Carrillo does it best. Take a look at the image below and see what I am talking about. I see a massive cock hanging down and it makes me want to slide my hand up her skirt.

Also can you imagine watching karla walking down the street in this dress with no panties. Seeing the head of her cock peek out from under her skirt with each step? And can you imagine the expressions of people that dont know who she is?

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Shemale Upskirt

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Beach Hotpants. And these are filled with Cock and ass!

Beach Hotpants. And these are filled with Cock and ass! Holy hell look at that amazing and sexy ass. Thats the ass of Karla Carrillo on in beach hotpants at the beach. And in this photo its hard to tell but she is hiding one of the biggest tranny cocks around. Fat thick and long. She gets hard when the wind blows and then wants to masturbate and cum.

Karla also likes to suck cock and fuck as often as she can. And with a body like that, I think every guy wants to give her a try.

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Beach Hotpants

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My cock shown in the car!

I think a few passing trucks saw me playing with my cock in the car. The car was small and low to the ground and with no tinted windows we were shooting photos and videos at the same time and the car was really lit up. Im sure a number of people saw my cock in the car.

Cock in the car

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Karla Carrillo

Long legs heels and a tranny cock

Who here loves long legs, Heels and a hot tranny cock at the top? Well I have all that and more for you. Just take a look at my titties and by sweet innocent face. Don’t you just want to drop a load on it?


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Karla Carrillo

My new Party Skirt!

Yes, I said Party Skirt! I love them and bought them just to wear to a party. When I got there I realized how comfy they were and the fact that My cock was well hidden and that I did not need to adjust it often or worry about it coming out from the mount! My party skirt were perfect and all the other girls seemed to love them as well. A couple of the girls asked where i got them and a number of guys grabbed my ass as I walked by. One in particular grabbed so deep he brushed the head of my cock with his fingers and I started to get hard.

party skirt

IF you have never had a particular thing that you wear to go to a party that you fall in love wiht, then you should really look for some sort of amazing clothes. Its nice to have something that you use for partys like my party skirt. Its a turn on when guys expect you to wear it and when you do they chase you all over and want to touch you and play with you. I even had one guy stick his finger up my ass and stroke the head of my cock under my party skirt in front of about 40 people. No one noticed because I was backed up to him and his hand but it was 100% amazing.

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