Blonde shemale Karla Carrillo

Blonde shemale Karla Carrillo! I can’t make up my mind if I should stay as a blonde or go back to being a brunette. This indecision is really taking a toll on my poor hair, so I need to make a decision once and for all! What color hair should I have?Blonde shemale Karla Carrillo?? or do I go back to Brunette shemale Karla Carrillo? By the way, if you are a member of my site, I put up a poll in my members area to vote on this topic.

Now for a shemale its kind of hard to have the carpet match the drapes as they say. So I keep that carpet area shaved nice and clean. However I would love to have some help from you. Just log into my members area and do an inspection. Check and make sure in all my photos and movies that I am 100% cleanly shaved! And make comments on each set.

Here I am, AGAIN as a blonde lol!

Blonde shemale Karla Carrillo5


So at the end of this post, I have to ask again. Is it Blonde or brunette that you prefer? Naturally my hair is dark but I do love being a blonde. Blondes have more fun as you know!


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Big tranny Cock! These are Screengrabs of My SheCock :)

Big tranny Cock!   I just grabbed these from my latest video “Jeans Shorts”.  And yes guys these are really screen grabs from my phone. I was checking them out to make sure the video was hot! I hope you like them and of course, the size of my shecock.  Make sure to click the title of this post to see all screen-grabs.





That is my huge Big tranny Cock. Right now though you must see more of it so please click one of the images above. It will take you to my website where you can see more sample photos. And then you can click to join me. Once in my members area enjoy all my movies and photo sets. Also make sure to rate and comment on the ones that you like most.

If you want to check out more sample photos and videos here, you can surf around on this blog. The Samples are all lower quality and that’s the reason they are free to check out.  So click to see some samples of my big ass and also my big tits!


Hugs and kisses to all my fans and friends and I will see you very soon in my members area.


Karla Carrillo


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Karla Carrillos big tranny ass! Humping My Pillow


Karla Carrillos big tranny ass!

Karla Carrillos big tranny ass

Hey guys. how would you like a good look at Karla Carrillos big tranny ass?? Yes that is it in the image above but from a side view, and Yes, I admit it: from time to time Karla will go to bed really horny and stroking her thick and juicy cock and it is not enough… She needs someone to hug 🙂

But when there is nobody there, sometimes she will grab a pillow and hump it just like doggies do. If your willing to be her pillow toy at night, make sure and let her know. You can do that by posting comments here on the blog. Or otherwise you can go to her members area ( this being the best option ) and make comments there. No matter which you do, Karla will read them.

She will also most likely reply if she has the time.

But no matter what you do, enjoying the rest of this set is the most important thing. Just take a look at that Angelic face, those big titties hanging down and a side view of that big tranny ass! And then click!


Also do not forget that there are plenty more samples of the super hot and super hung Karla Carrillo right here!



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