Sexy Short Dress

Who here loves it when their favorite trans girl gets dressed in a Sexy Short Dress? Also who loves it when their favorite trans girl gets dressed in a sexy long dress? Yes. As I figured. Most of you seem to like it when the girl is wearing a sexy short dress rather than a long one. My first guess would be because you can touch her legs. The second guess would be because you can also make her spread her legs and you can caress her panties.

Honestly I love it when a man does that to me. But he better expect I will do the same to him. In fact often up zipping his pants and reaching into to play with his cock directly! I do love the feel of a hard cock. Even a soft one if we are in public. But its still a turn on to have that cock stiffen in my hand. Or to see it stiffen in his pants as I see him admiring me in my short dress.

Sexy Short Dress

If you want to check out more of this set. And I do encourage you to do it. You can simply click on the image above or one of the text links. I am sorry to sound like I am selling you something but it does help me keep the website going and it also helps me earn money. So lets meet up in the members area today!

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