Hot pants and bra

Lingerie comes in many shapes and sizes just like the girls that wear them. And this set is just perfect for a guy like me and many of Karla’s fans. Hot pants and bra look amazing on this body and you can clearly see why. The big round ass and her big round tits fit perfectly into them and they look amazing. Just makes you want to reach out and touch them. Running your hands over those beautiful mounds.

You can also tell that the hot pants and bra type look good as shorts and sports bra or what ever. Meaning that she could easily wear these with some heels or tennis shoes. Both would look sexy as hell. And especially seeing Karla wearing this in public. Talk about smoking hot!

Click on the image right now to check out more of this amazing body in the lingerie.
Hot pants and bra

Now that you have taken a few minutes to look at her curvy body in this lingerie. Has your cock responded? Is it rock hard and begging to shoot a load across your hands and phone or keyboard? If so then click the image above and let it go while looking at the rest of this photo set or enjoying one of her movies. Click NOW!

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