Bikini Body

Do you know what I mean by the phrase Bikini Body? To me at least that means a body that looks amazing in a bikini. Usually a woman with big tits, curvy hips and a big ass. And sometimes when you get super lucky. Instead of the bikini bottom being filled with bush its filled with trans girl cock. And that is the exact case with the beautiful Karla Carrillo. She is so hot and sexy and feminine that most guys can not image that she actually has a cock. But she does and its an amazing one.

Right now you have two choices. Read a bit more. Or click right here or on the image at the bottom of the page. The click will allow you to join the members area of Karla’s exclusive and private members area to see the whole movie. Or you can watch the sample clip below and then click. Either way you will want to see this movie. Trust me!!!

So back to this Bikini Body. Karla wanted to go to the beach or the pool when we finished making her last movie. So she excused herself to the bathroom to change. I know weird right? Anyway when she came back out she had on this super sexy bikini that she was just popping out of. And I told her she had to make this one last movie for me. She agreed and this is what happened.

Once you check out the clip. Click on the image at the bottom of the page. Or you can also click on the text link above.

This is the image below that you can click on right now to Join Karla. So click it!
Bikini Body

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