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Tranny Cleavage outdoors

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Imagine adding a touch of lube to just the head of your cock. Now push into her hole. You can feel her lips spreading slowly. Pulling back at the head of your cock. Now how do you think it would feel as your shaft penetrates all the way down and you balls touch hers?

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Sexy shemale in Lingerie! Karla Carrillo does it best! So who is your favorite Sexy shemale in Lingerie? Most of these girls have tons of Lingerie. Some only put it on from time to time. Others, every time you see a photo or a video of them. They are in lingerie of some sort. I guess it just depends on the girl. But Karla Carrillo is the queen of Lingerie! And with a body like hers its easy to see why.

Take for instance the photo above. The lingerie she has on is so tight that her titties are exploding out the top. But it looks amazingly sexy and inviting. Don’t you just want to go up to her and lick her nipples?

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