Anal Play

This is a little fun fact that you might not know about trans girls. Or most trans girls that is. They love anal play. Wait. Hold on. I am talking about when you are not with them! When they are home alone and the need to shoot a hot load hits them. More often than not they want to have some fun and hot anal play. And that means either using their fingers or a toy on their ass. These girls really love it and most of them keep toys around just for that. They want to get off and they want something inside their ass as deep as they can. That means they want a toy or your cock.

Take a look at Karla Carrillo in the photo below. She was in the middle of some really hot anal play with this image was taken. And yeah for those of you with a keen eye, its a screen grab from the video. She was recording a movie when this was taken.

Take a peek at this photo and then Click it. You really must see this video of the amazing Karla Carrillo.
Anal Play

Watching her work her ass hole with a toy is very exciting and you will love it.

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