Outdoor Cleavage

Want to check out some outdoor cleavage? All you need to do is hang out with Karla Carrillo at the beach. She does not even need to have on a bikini. She will show you more outdoor cleavage than most any other woman that the beach that day.

Karla loves to wear these cute and very small tank tops. She likes the way her tits stick out and also the attention she gets from everyone when she walks into the room. Men look and so do women and she gets flirted with every time. Sometimes its a man wanting to see more of her tits. Some times its a woman. But no matter what Karla loves to be looked at and flirted with.

The photo below is a sample from a set she shot at the beach in Mexico. Again with the outdoor cleavage in one of the little tank tops and she had guys all over the place approaching her. She is always polite and sweet and never makes them look up at her face. Starting at her big tranny tits is acceptable to Karla.

Click on the image to get to her website. Once you have joined you can find this set in the members area under Photos. Click right now.
OutDoor Cleavage

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