Trans girl cleavage

Who here loves Trans Girl Cleavage? Whew, I was a bit on the worried side but I also was not sure. Most of my photos that I post here have a lot of Trans Girl Cleavage. Namely mine!! Jijijij I know guys Im silly. But I love showing off my tits. In fact a friend commented to me the other day that I always seem to have my tits out. Then I started looking at some of my photos and I realized that I did. But I love it. I adore the attention!

So how many of you do love the cleavage photos? To me showing off my tits is a lot of fun. I love to see the reactions of the guys and I love to watch their cocks get hard. But the Cleavage photos also give you the chance to keep them and enjoy them at home alone. Hint Hint if you know what I mean!

Trans Girl Cleavage

Now let me as you a serious question and I want responses.. Have you ever dropped your load on a trans girls tits? I mean smeared her tits with your hot man milk? If you did, who licked it up? Or did you rub it on on her body?

Tell is all we want to know.

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