Cleavage and panties

Checking out a hot chick that is showing off cleavage and panties is always an exciting thing to do. But when the girl happens to be trans, well its even hotter! If you are sitting there asking yourself why cleavage and panties on a trans is hotter then you must be new!

First of all lets examine the photo of Karla Carrillo below. This is one of those perfect examples of Cleavage and panties and why its so hot. If you know Karla then you know what she is hiding inside those panties. And if you dont your about to get a surprise.

Karla Carrillo is also one of the hung shemales that you find and read about. Not just a hung shemale. But one of the biggest. Her cock is 11 inches and so fat you wont know what to do with it. I mean HUGE fat. And how she manages to hide it in her panties is a real mystery!

Check out the image below and while looking at it. Imagine that 11 inch cock packed into those panties. You can also see her big tranny tits trying to explode out the top. So now you know why cleavage and panties are hot on a trans girl like Karla Carrillo.
Cleavage and Panties


There should be a live cam feed showing above. If not, Click right here. Your Browser is blocking it!

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