Short shorts

One of the things that I have noted about the CurvyShemale Karla Carrillo is that she loves to wear short shorts. And oh how happy we are about that. If you are not sure why we would be happy. Its simple really so give me a minute to explain and then you will find your own happiness level going up!

Now for those of you who do not know Karla well, she is the beauty in the photo below. And the reason this blog about her is called Curvy shemale should be obvious. She has curves. And that is the main reason that we love to see her in a pair of short shorts. Furthermore, Karla tends to wear them all the time so that her big tranny ass is showing! Personally I love to see a big tranny ass.

Now if you love this type of girl and by that I mean the curvy kind, then you will really enjoy Karla. She has a big set of titties on her and also a very thick and juicy cock. However I am guessing that most of you already knew about these and only come here to read my whitty banter! Ha, just kidding I know you are here for the tits and ass and also the huge tranny juicy cock.

So dont hesitate to check out more of the amazing Karla Carrillo by clicking a text link or the image below!

Short shorts

I bet right now you are asking how she gets that juicy cock into those short shorts. Find out in her members area!

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