Short Skirt and long legs

Who else loves to see a hot trans girl in a short skirt? Yeah we all do I guess. And when we find a hot trans girl in a short skirt and long legs with high heels and no panties? Well that some nut busting fun if you ask me. And yeah because you are reading my blog about Karla Carrillo you are asking me. So enjoy these photos that I have to share of her. I know you want to see more so keep reading.

You most likely already know that Karla has a nice set of DD tits. Those big round puppies escape from the top of almost everything that she wears. And one of the hot things about the clothing that Karla likes to put on is that she wears things that will show off her tits. So its a win win for you and I as we watch her in public or take her on a date.

Another thing that Karla does is wear short skirts. She says that showing off her long legs makes her feel very sexy. She also loves the attention that her legs get when she has on a short skirt and high heels. Karla tells me that men stare and so do women! And that makes her cock fat and hard.

Short skirt

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