Tiny Dress

Not all girls will wear a tiny dress like this. And especially not many girls like Karla Carrillo. If you are not sure why not many girls like Karla, its because she has a massive cock that she has to hide. And that means that she needs to be careful how long her dress is. How she sits with her legs and also how she moves. This tiny dress makes all of that very hard and most girls wont bother with a dress like this. However Karla owns several of them and wears them out all the time!

This tiny dress is also the kind that is very tight. It sticks to Karla’s ass hips and also the front of her tummy. Its so tight that if she moves wrong you can see the bulge in her panties created by the fact that her panties can barely contain her massive trans girl cock.

If you have not seen her in this dress before, its time that you do. You can see the whole set of her in the members area of her website. And trust me watching her get out of this dress is a turn on!
Tiny dress

Not all girls and not all of them in a tiny dress look this hot. So enjoy Karla right now!

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