Shemale Exhibitionist | Public Beach Posing

While I love being in front of the camera in the studio or my bedroom, what really gets me hot is flashing or showing off in public.  I’m a true shemale exhibitionist from head to toe.  The thought of getting caught is so exciting to me.  Oh, and I’ve been caught more than a few times.  The look on someone’s face as they catch me showing off my big tits or stroking my hard tranny cock is priceless.  Many won’t admit it I’m sure, but they probably think about me for a few days after.  I know I’m thinking about it for more than a few days after.  I’m pretty much on orgasm overload after I get caught.  Just gets me so hot.  Now if only you would be here to catch me also 😉

Want More Public Shoots Starring Me – One Way To Get Them

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